Choosing the perfect hairpiece that suits you is one thing, but how to wear and maintain it naturally at home to showcase your full charisma is something not everyone knows. VTG - Master Of Hairpieces guide you on how to perfectly care for your men's hairpiece in just 4 simple steps.


2 simple and quick steps to wear a men's hairpiece.

Step 1: Secure the hairpiece with adhesive tape

Clean the men's hairpiece.

  • Cleanse the scalp before wearing a hairpiece: Cleaning the scalp is an essential step to ensure a healthy environment for the hairpiece and keep it looking fresh.
  • You can use the Max Hold Sport solution to control oil and enhance adhesion on the scalp.



    Apply adhesive or use adhesive tape.

    • Using adhesive: Take an appropriate amount of adhesive and evenly spread it directly on the scalp using a cotton swab. Then, use a hairdryer to lightly dry and set the adhesive.
    • Using adhesive tape: Use an adequate amount of adhesive tape and apply it around the perimeter of the hairpiece base.


      Hair Fixation

      • Determine the hairline by measuring about 5 cm from the eyebrows up towards the hairline.
      • Attach the fringe to the determined hairline point and gently pull it backward.


      Step 2: Hairstyling

    • Determine the hairstyle: Divide the hair into different sections (sides, back, fringe, crown).
    • Blow-dry the hair starting from the sides when the hair is slightly damp: Set the hairdryer to a cool or warm setting. Keep the hairdryer about 10cm away from the hair.
    • Styling: Use a specialized styling comb and follow the arrow direction, starting from the back, then the crown, and finally the fringe. Continue blow-drying until the hair is completely dry.
    • Style with hair gel or wax: You can style the hair as desired or use hair gel to set the desired hair shape.

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