The benefits of becoming

a collaborator with VTG Hair

You don't need to invest any capital
You don't have to invest any capital to start your business. By becoming a VTG Hair collaborator, you can earn additional income without any costs.
Quality products
VTG products are high-quality hair beauty products made from real hair. You can confidently share these products with your customers.
Continuous revenue updates
Accurate reporting system that provides regular updates on revenue and orders.
30-day cookie duration
If someone makes a purchase through your referral link, you will still receive a commission if they purchase any product within 30 days.
Payment on the 15th of every month
You will receive fixed commission payments on the 15th of each month. The commission will be directly transferred to your account.
Cross-site cookie tracking
This means that if you refer a customer to purchase product A, but the customer ends up purchasing product B, you will still receive a commission share."

3 Steps to Make Money with

VTG Hair

Join our affiliate program and earn a minimum of 5% commission by
promoting VTG Hair’s hairpiece. Easy, convenient, and fast
Step 01
Sign up for an account
Register for an affiliate marketing account and you can start making money with VTG.
Step 02
Product sharing
Share the product with customers through your affiliate marketing link.
Step 03
Earn money
When customers purchase products or services through your affiliate marketing link, and the order status is valid, you will receive a commission percentage according to VTG's policy.
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Participating in sales with VTG Hair, you can help more customers access and use the best products and services on hairpieces. The Affiliate Program is part of the program to spread the beauty culture for men to become more confident.