Choosing the right hairstyle that suits your face is an essential part of creating an impressive appearance. A suitable hairstyle can accentuate your facial features and create overall balance in your look. So let's explore together with VTG - Master Of Hairpieces to discover which men's hairpiece styles are suitable for you and currently trending in the market!


1. Side Part 7/3 Men's Hairpiece Style

The "side part 7/3" hairstyle is a men's hairstyle divided into two parts, with the hair parted symmetrically into a 7-part on the left side and a 3-part on the right side.

The numbers 7 and 3 in this terminology are often used to indicate the proportion of hair on the head. In this case, the number 7 indicates that the hair on the left side is kept longer, creating a textured look, while the number 3 indicates that the hair on the right side is cut shorter and styled forward or upward.


The Side Part hairstyle is one of the classic, simple, and sophisticated men's hairpiece styles. Specifically, this hairstyle suits individuals with a slim, elongated face, small chin, and an oval-shaped face. Owning a Side Part haircut helps men create a more attractive appearance.

Furthermore, the Side Part style is often recommended for individuals aged 18 and above, as it suits the age and style of young men.


2. Textured Side Part Men's Hairpiece Style

The Textured Side Part is a variation of the traditional Side Part hairstyle but created with shaping and structuring to achieve a more natural and textured look. Instead of having a neat and sleek appearance, the Textured Side Part hairstyle features hair brushed and swept in the opposite direction, creating a gentle, natural, and dynamic feel.


The Textured Side Part hairstyle is often created using styling products such as mousse, wax, or gel to add shine and definition. The hair on the top is usually styled with added volume and texture, while the hair on the sides and back is trimmed neatly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


3. Quiff Men's Hairpiece Style

The Quiff hairstyle is a combination of the Undercut and Pompadour styles, creating a sleek and stylish design. The side sections of the hair can be buzzed or faded, depending on personal preference. The main section of the hair in the middle is styled upwards to create a voluminous lift with the fringe pushed forward, resembling the shape of a wave. The hair at the back and sides is cut high and neatly trimmed. One of the most popular Quiff variations is the Short Quiff.


The Quiff hairstyle is particularly suitable for men over 25 years old, with a masculine face featuring clear and defined lines. With its neat and easily stylable form, the Quiff allows for effortless hair styling according to personal preference.

The Quiff provides a youthful and elegant appearance, making it ideal for daily activities such as school or work. It is also perfect for professional environments that require sophistication and refinement. To achieve a standout and fresh Quiff hairstyle, you can incorporate the use of products such as wax or pomade for hair styling.


4. Mohican Men's Hairpiece Style

The Mohican hairstyle, also known as the Iroquois hairstyle, is a famous and distinctive hairstyle named after the Mohican tribe. This hairstyle is characterized by shaving the sides of the head short and leaving a long strip of hair in the middle, running from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

The hair in the middle is often styled into an arrow or sharp spike pointing upwards, using gel or styling products to keep the hair stiff and in place.


The Mohican hairstyle carries a strong, bold, and distinctive personal style. It often suits individuals who want to express confidence, individuality, and a unique sense of style. The Mohican style is commonly associated with punk, rock, and artistic performances, frequently seen in music and entertainment events.

In terms of facial features, the Mohican hairstyle creates a striking effect and adds dynamism to the face. It can be suitable for individuals with oval, square, or diamond-shaped faces. For those with round or rectangular faces, creating Mohican arrows or spikes can help soften the roundness of the face and create a sense of balance.


5. The Two-Block Men's Hairpiece Style

The Two-Block hairstyle is a popular contemporary men's hairstyle that originated in South Korea. It is characterized by thick and long hair on the top of the head, while the sides and back are cut shorter. The hair is parted in the middle, creating a split hair effect.


The Two-Block hairstyle creates a distinct contrast between the long hair on the crown and the short hair on the sides and back. The long hair is often styled in various ways, such as slicking it back, creating volume, or using styling products to achieve dynamic effects. 

The Two-Block style is suitable for various face shapes and styles. It often exudes a youthful, modern, and individualistic appearance. This hairstyle is favored by those who want to make a statement and personalize their style.

6. Undercut Classic Men's Hairpiece Style

The Undercut Classic is a traditional and popular men's hairstyle. It is characterized by shaving the hair short on the sides and back while leaving the top hair long and stylable according to preference.

The short shaved portion creates a contrast with the longer hair on top, resulting in a sharp and defined structure. The hair on the top can be styled in various ways, such as spiking it up, creating structured styles, or achieving wavy textures. Depending on personal preference and desired style, the top portion can be kept longer or cut shorter.


Undercut Classic hair brings a masculine, neat, and versatile appearance. It suits various occasions and styles, from work to everyday events. This hairstyle is often favored for its sophistication, ease of styling, and can be suitable for different face shapes.


7. Layer Men's Hairpiece Style

The Layer hairstyle is a men's hairstyle created by forming different layers of hair on the head and can be styled to sweep these layers forward. The characteristic of the Layer style is to create a soft and natural effect by adding texture and movement to the hair..

To style the Layer hair, a hairstylist typically cuts the hair into different layers on the head. These layers have varying lengths, with the top layers usually shorter and the lower layers longer. Then, using styling products like wax or pomade, the hair is swept from the back and brought forward, creating an effect of layered hair swept to the front.


Layered Style often creates a natural, fresh, and trendy look. It suits various face shapes and styles, from energetic and youthful to sophisticated and elegant. It is particularly suitable for individuals with thick hair who want to achieve a light and textured appearance.


8. Men's Hairpiece Style: Fringe

The fringe hairstyle for men is characterized by long and full hair that covers the forehead. The hair in this style is typically longer in the front, extending beyond the other parts of the hair on the head.

The fringe hairstyle has various variations and styles. Some may choose to have a straight-across fringe that covers the entire forehead. Others may create a fringe that consists of longer layers, creating a wavy or structured effect.


The Fringe hairstyle is suitable for various face shapes; however, it often creates a youthful, trendy, and fashionable look. It is popular among individuals who want to highlight their forehead or conceal facial imperfections.

To maintain the Fringe hairstyle, regular hair trimming is necessary to prevent the hair from becoming too thick and bulky. Styling products such as wax or gel can be used to create the desired effect and keep the fringe in place.

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